WinTools net Professional / Premium 19.5 Latest Professional / Premium is a toolkit for optimizing the Windows software system. It includes components for the whole removal of unwanted programs and “dead” registry links, as well as for controlling processes, system configuration, Internet connections and the interface. The program includes the following tools: Clean Uninstaller, Scan Files, Scan Shortcuts, Scan registry, Startup Manager, Tweak UI, Net Tweaker, The Privacy, Invisible Man, File Shredder. In addition, there are utilities for secure storage of confidential information. Professional / Premium Full Fuatures

Clean Uninstaller
When uninstalling various software, temporary files and files that were not deleted during the un-installation process are often left on the hard disk. These files will no longer be used and only occupy disk space as well as reduce disk access time. Using the “Clean Uninstaller” tool it is possible to solve this problem, as well as monitor the installation process of programs and find out which files were recorded and where changes occurred in the Windows registry and in system files after installation.

Scan Files:

During the work of various programs on the hard disk, temporary files are created necessary for their proper operation. Quite often there are situations when temporary files are not deleted (computer or program hangs not correct exit from the program or system). and remain on the hard disk cluttering up it and unnecessarily occupying space. Sometimes a large number of temporary files slow down your computer and work in general. To periodically clean your computer from temporary as well as unused files, use the Scan Files tool.

Scan Registry:

Many programs use the Windows registry to store their own settings, adding new file extensions, installing their own components. But after uninstalling these programs, very often the entries about them are not deleted and remain in the registry. These entries will no longer be used, but they take up space. Windows registry during installation / uninstallation is becoming more and more. thereby worsening the performance of the computer and the access time of working programs to the registry. The Scan Registry tool is designed to periodically clean the registry and correct incorrect entries.

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StartUp Manager:

Many programs consider themselves to be the most important programs in the system. Place themselves in auto-load and System Tray systems. unnecessarily consuming system resources – clogging up RAM and decreasing processor performance. Such programs register information about themselves not in the Startup folder of the Start menu, but in the Windows registry, leaving the user no choice and complicating the process of controlling the startup. The Start Up tool keeps track of all startup entries and allows you to delete / add and temporarily disable entries.

Tweak UI:

A set of additional settings and features that affect the safety, performance and usability of the operating system and are not included in the standard package of MS Windows. Settings are divided into six groups, each of which is divided into subgroups in order to simplify navigation:

  • General – settings that allow you to change system folders and registration information
  • Screen – a set of desktop settings
  • System – system settings, system and device boot methods
  • Start – change Start menu view
  • Security – system security setting
  • Control
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System control panel manager : Net Tweaker (Pro version)

Net Tweaker tool is designed to increase the speed of data transmission by changing the hidden network settings. At the same connection speed, different data transfer rates may be observed on different computers. The fact is that TCP / IP protocol involves the transmission of data packets. Packets can have different compression ratios, size, lifetime, number of repetitions. So with different settings, the same connection speed can be observed completely different data transfer speeds. Changing the settings using the NetTweak tool can achieve more stable operation for a bad connection. having lost some speed or with a good connection it is possible to achieve a higher data transfer rate to the detriment of stability that a good connection line can provide. Professional / Premium Toolskit Download

The Privacy(Pro version)

While working on the computer, the system keeps track of your work, the so-called “History” as well as saves it. All information about your work on the Internet – when and which sites you visited, what content, what programs you downloaded. which launched, which documents you worked with, which emails and to whom you wrote, what you were looking for. what folders you opened, what computers you connected to – all this and many other information remains in your computer! Anyone who has access to your PC can easily have access to this information and track almost every step of yours. and if possible collect compromising information on you. In such a situation, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed. Such a huge amount of available information not only destroys your privacy, but it also slows down your computer. All this information is stored on the hard drive, in the system registry, and some. such as the history of running programs, the search history, the history of recent open documents … loaded by the system and constantly takes up RAM. Tool “The Privacy” will allow you to work on your computer without leaving a trace of their activities. It consists of three main parts: “Object Erasure”, “Invisible Man” as well as “File Shredder”.

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