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VirtualBox is a special program for making virtual computers, which you’ll download for free of charge on Every virtual PC will contain an arbitrary set of virtual devices and a separate operating system. The scope of virtual computers is very wide from performing software package testing functions to making entire networks that are simple to scale, load balance and protect. VirtualBox is free, open source software package.

It is designed to be installed on almost all in operation systems, including Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and OpenSolaris. As a “guest” operating system, any operating system also can be used. Including Windows (NT four.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, W7), DOS / Windows 3.x, Linux, and OpenBSD.

Key Features:

  • Portability across platforms that enables us to make virtual machines capable of running on different in operation systems.
  • Without the need of specific hardware for virtualization.
  • Visualizes a large range of in operation systems like Windows, GNU/Linux, OS/2 Warp or MS-DOS Microsoft disk in operation system being hosted Windows, Mac OS X, OS/2 Warp, GNU/Linux or Solaris/OpenSolaris.

VirtualBox Main Features:

  • It can be controlled each through the GUI interface as well as thru the program line.
  • To expand the functions of the program, a special SDK has been developed.
  • The parameters of virtual machines are described in XML format and in no means rely on the physical pc on that the system is running. Therefore, virtual computers of the VirtalBox format are simple to transfer from one computer to another.
  • When using Windows or Linux, UNIX system in operation system on “guest” computers, you’ll use special utilities that greatly facilitate change between physical and virtual computers.
  • To quickly exchange files between a guest and a physical computer, you can produce so-called “shared folders”, that are simultaneously accessible from each of those machines.
  • Also it permits you to attach USB devices to virtual computers, permitting virtual machines to work with them directly.
  • Supports the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). A virtual machine will act as an RDP server, permitting you to manage it remotely.

Field Testing:

When it comes to testing software that we’re unsure we’ll be keeping, one among our biggest doubts is whether or not it’ll somehow affect the configuration of your PC. VirtualBox solves this problem as it may be used as a testing ground for new programs. Whatever you do on the virtual machine can have no impact on the host software package, resulting in a true airtight container for riskier testing.

Download VirtualBox now and build the most of 1 of the most effective tools on the market for system virtualization.

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