Utorrent 3.5.5 Pro PC Full Version Free Download [Latest]

utorrent pro free download

What is Utorrent Pro and what is it for?

As you can already guess, uTorrent Pro is a software that allows you to download Torrents with complete peace of mind. This software will therefore, from the Torrent File, retrieve the real File, also called “a Torrent”… Note that the download speed depends on the number of Peers and Leeches.

Now it is time to answer the question “What is µTorrent Pro for? ». Well, we hope you already know its primary purpose: to download Torrents. But apart from all this, here is what else it can do (the Pro version of u torrent):

  • Ability to view or provision Torrents by downloading them, without waiting for the file to be fully downloaded.
  • It’s includes an HD media player as well as converts files for playback on any mobile device.
  • It is constantly adding new features. Enjoy it for free.
  • Keep your PC safe by automatically scanning for viruses and malware after downloading them with Utorrent Pro.
  • Get the latest updates as well as features before anyone else.
  • As a Pro user as well as µtorrent supporter, you can use the software without advertising.

We hope you now know what µTorrent Pro software is and what it really is all about.

The functionalities of u torrent:

A major feature of this version, the user now has the ability to instantly watch HD video files from the beginning of their download with one click as well as streaming. This will take more or less time depending on the user’s internet connection. Downloads are secure thanks to a good integrated antivirus protection.

In addition, µTorrent Pro has a conversion module that offers the ability to play video files downloaded from iPhone, iPad, Android devices, consoles and games and Apple TV. It should be noted that the software will be free of any unwanted advertising.

Let’s see now how to crack this torrent to use it for free for lifetime.

  • How to Cracked Utorrent Pro – Activate the license?

Did you just download the Setup and its Crack? Okay, that’s good. Now, we will see how to use this Crack to activate the µTorrent Pro version. All you have to do is care fully follow the steps below:

Step 1: After downloading the archive file “Utorrent 3.5.5 Pro”, decompress it with software such as WinRar.

Step 2: Double-click on the file uTorrent.exe and follow the installation wizard.. Until then, do not run this torrent in background after completing the install. Close it from system tray if it is running.

Step 3: Now in the “Utorrent Pro” folder, open the “PRO” folder and copy all the contents of it. Finally, go to the default installation folder where your file is installed as well as paste the contents of the Activator folder there.

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