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Telestream Wirecast Pro

If you are a reporter who is working in a media channel to report live streaming video or want to go live on internet then Telestream Wirecast Pro is the best choice for you. It is the industry’s only complete cross-platform software solution for television production and broadcasting. Providing video capture, production of various programs in real time and encoding live streams for subsequent broadcasting to several servers and platforms simultaneously. Free download full latest updated version from getappspc as son as it release from the developer.

Thanks to Wirecast Pro, you can stream several streams from cameras, real-time inserting video clips, images. sounds and such necessary elements as transitions, titles, chroma keying, virtual studios and sports boards into the program stream. Wirecast is ideally suited for professional broadcasting of live events on the Internet, news, sporting events, concerts, corporate meetings, lectures. and many other programs.

Telestream Wirecast Pro Full Version Features:

Ease of use
To create a perfect-looking show, you don’t need to be professionally versed in all video technologies. Wirecast is very simple as well as affordable. All you need is a camera, a computer as well as an Internet connection. You can deliver your television production to any audience — on-air or on demand — while spending only a small portion of the amount you would pay for live broadcast solutions from other manufacturers.

Capture from multiple cameras and other sources
Wirecast supports an unlimited number of signal sources, from web cameras (via USB and Firewire) to DV / HDV and SDI cameras (via capture cards). Wirecast is compatible with Blackmagic, Matrox, Viewcast capture cards and other video devices such as the Teradek Cube and LiveU backpack. Just connect the sources to your computer as well as Wirecast recognizes them as live streams.

Integrated Multi-Format Transcoder
When you’re ready to broadcast, the integrated Wirecast transcoder lets you stream software in a wide variety of formats, including Flash, QuickTime, and Windows Media.

Output to several target devices at the same time
Just a few clicks you will need in order to bring the program stream to several target devices at the same time with different flow rates.

Switch between live streams and other media
Wirecast’s powerful production capabilities make switching between multiple camera streams and dynamically mixing them with ready-made video, audio and graphic materials a simple process. With the same ease, you can generate transitions, titles, lower thirds and other video effects, adding an individual professional style to your television production.

Telestream Wirecast Professional broadcasting style

  • Several custom layers. Wirecast allows you to apply up to 35 layers for live compositing.
  • Integrated desktop presenter. You can broadcast the screen of another computer, which is great for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. As well as broadcast live interviews using Skype or any other chat client.
  • Stunning captions. Wirecast already has over 30 integrated professional quality broadcast title templates.
  • Chrome keying. You can easily move your programs to new studios or locations using high-quality chrome keying with GPU acceleration.
  • Sports scoreboards. To display the live scores of sports matches in real time, Wirecast has ready-made sports scoreboard templates.
  • High quality 3D graphics. Wirecast has a host of great transitions and real-time effects, including cross-fading, 3D cube, sashes, glides, and more.
  • Virtual studios. Using integrated templates, you can create your own virtual television studios.
Telestream Wirecast Pro

Wirecast has ready-made presets for all popular streaming services as well as platforms. In addition, the Virtual Camera and Microphone Output functions allow you to use Wirecast video and audio streams as sources for other devices and software applications. Additionally, you can save your products to disk for further archiving, reuse in the future or broadcasting on request.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS of Telestream Wirecast:
Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows 10 version 1803 or higher macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina.Windows 10 version 1903 macOS Mojave.
Processori5 dual-core @ 2.3GHz1.i7 quad-core @ 2.8GHz+ .
Memory4GB RAM16GB+ RAM
Hard Drive2GB2, 7200 RPM for record to disk.500GB+, Solid State OS Drive.
Graphics CardIntel HD3, DirectX 11 capable.Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon, 1GB+ video memory.

Languages Supported: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Swedish.

DeveloperTelestream, Inc.
Operating SystemWindows & MacOS
Original File Format.EXE & .DMG
File Size239 & 205.9 MB
Download File FormatRAR

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