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magix video pro x11

MAGIX Video pro X 11 full free is one of the main players in the field of video editing. It has been developed to meet the highest requirements of ambitious and professional film makers. Free download latest version from getappspc as soon as it release from the developer.

The MAGIX Video Pro Full Version Feature’s:

  • Display modes

To edit, you have three display modes. The scene overview allows you to sort all the scenes in the movie. In Storyboard mode, you can classify scenes more precisely and add-titles as well as effects. Timeline mode is used for the most sophisticated editions.

  • Video effects

Comes with many professional video effects to optimize the image or bring creative transformations. It also comes with a manual with which you will earn how to get the most out of video effects. It also explains how to mix the fore ground with the background.

  • Motion effects

Still images, titles as well as videos can be set in motion. You will learn what you need to know about simulated camera movements and zooms, image rotations, reflections and three-dimensional modelling.

  • 360° video editing

The interactive 360° videos contain a complete panoramic view. The visual direction can be changed at each location by clicking on the image of the video and moving it with the mouse.

MAGIX Video Pro x11 Video Editing Software

  • Keyframes

Some effects must vary over time. Image optimizations, such as brightness or contrast, can be used as dynamic image effects thanks to key-frames that even allow travelling to be controlled.

  • Post-sounding

Audio tracks in videos often need to be improved. It shows you how to delete unwanted noise and how to complete the audio track with your own audio recordings. In the end, all the audio tracks in the project are mixed using the mixer and the sound is improved.

  • Movie burning with disc menu

Once you have finished your project, you can burn the movies directly to a disc for later presentation on your television. The disc menus allow you to access directly to the different movies and scenes with the remote control. The disc menu can be designed in several ways.

  • Exporting

Video production can have different reasons. You can save your video to a video file on the computer, transfer it to a portable device or show it on major Internet portals such as YouTube or Facebook.

MAGIX Video pro
  • Film templates

With this video editor pro movie templates, you can transform your recordings into short professional clips. Ideal as a trailer for a movie, this type of clip can be published online or sent by email to your friends. Simply replace the object location in the film template with your own recording and adjust the title.

DeveloperMAGIX Software GmbH
Operating SystemWindows
File Size877.5 Megabyte
File FormatRar

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