Jixipix Watercolor Studio 1.3.9 Full Version Latest

Jixipix watercolor studio Free

Jixipix watercolor studio is photo software designed to instantly produce watercolor. It uses an automated process in order to create a photo with a natural, realistic, uniquely customized painting design. It produces a photo with quality watercolor and artistic beauty when printed.

With jixipix, you can easily and quickly make any change to the watercolor variation. You can change the watercolorpainting into an ink wash and apply your desired artistic finishing. Jixipix watercolor studio gives you absolute control over how the paint works on your photo.

Jixipix watercolor studio full features:

  • It supports high-resolution images as well as output.
  • Can be used for multiple undo.
  • Access to the Randomize button.
  • Access to quick previewing.
  • Customizable painting styles.
  • Satisfactory customer service.
  • Best for easy as well as quick self-training.

With jixipix watercolorstudios, you have access to several watercolor techniques to give your photo a unique lively effect.

Jixipix watercolor studio painting technique you can explore:

Wet-on-dry: it reflects all the natural characteristics of a true watercolor on your portrait photo. A wet-on-dry simply means laying a wet paint on dry paint to create your customized artistic finishing. A wet-on-dry painting style produces a sharp color intensity of the paint along the edges of your photo. It smoothness out portrait details, keeps all contours sharp and clear, and produce a painting that reflects shades.

Wet-on-wet: it’s an abstract free painting style commonly used for landscapes. Wet-on-wet means laying a wet paint on wet paint. The colors spread and blends into each other on the phototo produce soft edges when they mix. Using wet-on-wet painting style, you can experiment and produce your desired color and lively paint effect.

Ink Wash: it’s produced using layers of color from one to three layers. Ink washes are used to create inky paintings or lightly colored monotone paint design on photos. Ink washes can be combined with color washes and outline layers to produce a great artistic painting design.

Liquefy: it’s a transparent layer which is used to blend color layers together. It can be placed above one or more layers then brushed continuously until the areas required blends.You can create a unique color effect for your photo on your photo.

Color Wash: it’s used to blend colors into paintings while you retain the original color. You don’t have to worry about having too much paint on your photo.

Outline: it brings out the edges of your images as well as makes the photo looks bold.

Spatter: it is used to add spots on to your image. The spots look wet and runny which shows artistic beauty.

Canvas: it is the base on which you start your painting. It can be changed as you desire.

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