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Digital Volcano Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Are you bored about the bulk of duplicate files on your PC and do not even know how to get rid of the bulk? Digital Volcano Duplicate Cleaner Pro is the perfect software you will need to do the task just with a few clicks. Digital Volcano Duplicate Cleaner by getappspc is designed to organize the contents on your hard drive. It keeps your document folders clean as well as your PC free of junk files. Able to increases the performance of your computer hard drive. It can be used on your home PC or on a corporate network. Also able to scans as well as locates all duplicate files on your computer. The files are either move the files into a new folder or into the zip file. Also it will clean any type of file such as text files, word document, music, photo, etc.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro Key Features:

  • A master drive for comparison.
  • A match camera.
  • Windows as well as system file protection.
  • Large re-sizable interface for easy navigation and viewing.
  • Performs file hashing as well as byte scanning.
  • Flexible folder as well as zip scanning option.
  • Duplicate files are stored inside zip files.
  • Window preview option.
  • Support multiple languages.
  • Protect folders.
  • Self-help user’s manual Supports Microsoft window 10, 8, 7 and Vista.

Digital Volcano Duplicate Cleaner Pro Full Features:

Find duplicates: Duplicate Cleaner within seconds scan as well as locate all duplicate files. Finds duplicate folders, documents, duplicate or similar photos and images, music etc. it performs a comparison to check on the files and recommends which ones you will need to copy, delete or move to another folder. Any deleted duplicate files are stored in the zip file; you can retrieve it on demand. Digital Volcano Duplicate Cleaner turns duplicate files into hard links so as to save you lot of space.

Find unique files: Duplicate Cleaner could also locate unique or frequently search files or document folder on your computer hard drive. Then it rearranges as well as keeps the unique file where you can easily find it for use. This will make your search easier.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro

Content grouping or matching: It can scan as well as sort out related contents or files. Documents such as related music, video, images can be grouped together for ease of access. The frequently used searches are saved as duplicate cleaner profiles. All resized, rotated or edited images are grouped to a document folder. It matches images by tag.

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