Avira Antivirus 15.0 Pro Full Version Free [Latest]

Avira Antivirus Pro free

In order to prevent malware from reaching your PC, it is best to use appropriate tools such as Avira Antivirus. Avira software protects your computer from any threat through its various features. This is the best antivirus software to protect your device from different type of viruses which are coming from the internet while you are surfing. Also it will protect you from various devices, which you are going to directly connected to your computer such as- pendrive, potable device etc. Who knows what type of viruses contain in those devices. So always use antivirus to stay safe and keep clean your device from malicious attack.

The main Features :

  • Anti-Spyware: The main function of avira is to prevent any danger from entering your PC. Indeed, it easily detects spyware. This way, your Internet browsing will be secured because it performs a real-time examination against these malicious programs. But it also provides effective protection against Rooktits or Phishing. It should be noted that its database includes approximately 3 million recognized threats. This means that it is an ideal tool to fight viruses.
  • Email analysis: the entry of viruses through your emails is no longer to be feared with Avira Antivirus Premium 15 because it carefully controls every email sent or received. This way, even important files can be sent by email without any risk of threat.
  • Update: Since regular updates guarantee the effectiveness of antivirus software, has made sure to make this function easier. Indeed, the update is faster with this new version.
  • Interface: With a sensitive interface, this latest version of Avira Antivirus Premium will be much easier to use. As an illustration, the main window displays all the necessary information such as online as well as offline activation or the latest update.

The free version of the Avira antivirus

Times are tough for free antivirus software now highly competitive Windows Defender integrated natively into Windows 10.

To stay in the race with Avira, the publisher is playing the game higher by multiplying the additional features. The free suite will soon have little to envy from the paid version apart from the display of ads.

  • What protection does Avira offer?

Based on the latest generation detection technologies, Avira Free Antivirus analyzes malware signatures and unknown files in real time via the cloud. The antivirus scanner provides protection against malware (viruses, spyware, adware, phishing, Trojans, etc.), while the heuristic analysis module blocks exploits and programs that attempt to lock files.

  • The Avira interface

In half-tone, the new interface is less austere than in the past, but it suffers from an ergonomics with a multi-window design that complicates access to some options. This is all the more regrettable as Free Antivirus offers many interesting features: PC optimization system, secure browser, VPN mode (limited to 500 MB/month), application update scanner, etc. In addition to the numerous advertisements, the requests to migrate to paid versions are really too omnipresent.

Note: During installation, Avira automatically proposes the installation of additional tools. These options will certainly not be to everyone’s taste. It will then be necessary to select a “customized” installation of the software.

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